Secrets of My Travel Drawer: Avid Travelers Recommend 20 Must-pack Items Vetted By Countless Miles, Mishaps, And Serendipity

Great traveling tips!!

The Insatiable Traveler

ShutterstockI was speaking to some friends recently who were going away on holiday, and they asked me for my recommendations on must-pack items for their trip. I ended up repeating a lot of the things that I wrote back in August in the piece below, so I thought it might be worth re-posting – New Year and all… If you have any items you can’t live without while traveling, I’d love to hear about them. Please let me know in the comments below.
… So without further adieu….

You hate packing. I get it. You’re worried you’re going to forget something crucial or pack too much — and really, you just want to get on with your vacation. I’ve logged enough miles now to know my staples; things I’ve learned after many years, and even more miles, make frustrating moments more palatable and the good times even better.

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